780 Arastradero Road, Palo Alto, CA 94306

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Seating: Standard theatre seating; Seats are numbered; 950 seats (953 max occupancy) divided into seven sections: Section A (160 seats), Section B (167 seats), Section C (160 seats), Section D (167 seats), Section E (70 seats), Section F (61 seats), Section G (168 seats).

Stage: Proscenium Opening 39' 6"W x 15' 9"H; Curtain-line to back wall 32'D; Curtain-line to Orchestra pit (without pit covers) 5' 6"D; Curtain-line to front of Apron (with pit covers) 14' 3"D; Orchestra pit covered measures 41' 7"L x 7' 9"W (max) or 6' 2" W (min); Stage total 79' 1"W; Stage floor to Grid 41' 10"H;Teech Booth to apron 100'; Apron height 3' 2"; Stage floor covered with 1/4" tempered masonite; 160 max occupancy.

Rigging: 18 single-purchase linesets on a T-Bar track and counter-weight system; 4 42' battens for electrics, circuited, side extensions added; 4 free battens for event needs; 3 full set of black velour legs on traveling pivots; Main curtain is burgundy-colored to fly or travel; Cyclorama 54'W x 19'H (full stage); Black velour curtain front of Cyc; Movie screen 27'W x 11'6"H Flat Cinemascope with black curtain cover on a traveller.

Lighting: full stage coverage with 15 isolated areas DS to US; onstage blue and amber wash; green, blue, red OS and cyc; two spot Lx.

Sound: 24 channel Allen & Heath board and corresponding snake on stage; FOH speaker cluster: JBL SP215-6; mics: SM57, SM58, ULX handheld wireless, PZM, drop mics; mic stands: floor and table top; ClearCom wireless system with complete facility coverage; 4 stage wedge monitors.

Amps: Digital System Controller: JBL DSC260; Mains FOH: QSC EX1600 (x2); BOH (rear fill): QSC RMX850; Monitors: Samson Servo260; Subs: Hafler P500, Crossover: DOD835 Series II.

Audio/Visual: Panasonic 6000 lumen ceiling-mounted video front-projecton onto a cinema size or smaller portable size screen, approximately 70' throw.

Stage Risers: 4'x8'x24"; 4'x8'x16"; 4'x8'x8".

Choral Risers: 3-step risers accomodating three adult bodies per step.

Orchestra Shell: 8 units at 6'W each.

Dressing Rooms: Two 20' x 13' rooms with adjoining restrooms located backstage left and right.

Load In/Out: Access east and west sides of building; trailers on west side only. requires double-axle (pivot); doors 9' 9"H x 7' 7"W, 12'6" diagonal; Parking ample and well-lighted.

Box Office: Two separate windows and cash box; no phone line.

“The Spangenberg Theatre is a beautiful facility,” states Kevin Korecky. “Acoustically, the room is very friendly".

The Spangenberg house system has four JBL SR Series loudspeakers suspended above the front/center of the stage area. This main cluster is driven by QSC Audio RMX850 power amps with an Ashly GQX-3102 dual third-octave EQ handling room tweaking.

The FOH mix position at the Spangenberg Theatre is located at the rear center of the room and has an unobstructed view of the stage because of the sloped floor. Here, a 32-channel Allen & Heath GL3300 analog console resides for mixing 18 vocal channels (including RF) and 12 instrument channels, plus two channels for playing prerecorded music cues.

Pro-Audio Rental Systems of Palo Alto sound guru Kevin Korecky in the Tech Booth.

excerpted from FOH June 2012 issue: http://www.fohonline.com/current-issue/20-features/6983-audio-technology-takes-stanford-universitys-gsb-show-to-the-next-step.html#

Seasonal TECH Highlights

2008 / 2009

R. Dean Bunderson introduced as PAUSD Theatre Facilities Supervisor

Spangenbergtheatre.org created

2009 / 2010

6000 lumen projector installed

Spot pod / movie projector booth cleaned and cleared


2010 / 2011

ETC Smartfade Lx board installed

Wireless handheld mics installed

New wedge monitors installed

House PA modified and tuned "to the room"

New onstage legs installed

2011 / 2012

Drop mics installed

Wireless ClearCom installed

New risers installed

New carpet installed

2012 / 2013

House seats refurbished

Dimmer rack rehabilitated

Remote Dinkylink for video projection installed

Fire curtain and smoke hatch upgraded releases installed


2013 / 2014

Revised House rep Lx Plot

High-speed wireless access points installed


2014 / 2015


Transfer battens (L & R) installed


Hoist line at fly-rail installed


iMac installed in Tech Booth with QLab audio software


2015 / 2016


ETC Element light board installed


Older torn cinema screen removed


PA Sound System rehabilitated


2016 / 2017






950 House max occupancy, 160 onstage max occupancy

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